What we do


The 2H team is actively developing the geological expertise to ensure we are able to be effective explorers and producers of natural hydrogen.

As part of that process we are developing expertise in identifying hydrogen accumulations by their surface expressions through our own exploration and co-operatively with CSIRO.  This includes using our own hydrogen meter to enable detection of hydrogen in surface seeps.

We are also measuring hydrogen in oil and gas exploration wells and have detected significant hydrogen occurrences in currently drilling wells.  Our detection systems are sourced from major suppliers of oilfield sensing equipment and 2H is the only company in Australia actively monitoring drilling wells for Hydrogen.

We are also developing remote sensing expertise for regional screening of prospects.


We have moved quickly to establish a position in onshore Australia in jurisdictions that have a legislative framework that facilitates hydrogen exploration and currently have over 27,000 sq kms of applications in South Australia.

We are also working proactively with other jurisdictions to establish a first mover advantage.