About Us


2H Resources is the leading explorer for Natural Hydrogen and associated Helium.

We are prospecting for and developing naturally occurring Hydrogen and Helium resources to support the transition to net zero and are developing the models and tools to effectively achieve this.

We have access to geoscientists and partners with world leading knowledge and experience in the location and exploitation of naturally occurring Hydrogen and Helium.

We are developing relationships with engineering and commercial partners who can provide the technology to produce, transport and sell Hydrogen produced from underground reservoirs.

The location and appraisal of commercially significant deposits of Natural Hydrogen and associated Helium requires many of the same skills as the search for hydrocarbons. Our focus is on the transfer of those skills to the new hydrogen economy.

Business Structure

2H Resources has a global brief with its activity driven by the confluence of prospectivity, tenure and commercialisation potential.

It aims to be able to supply Natural Hydrogen across the full value chain from wellhead to final user with an initial emphasis on the exploration and appraisal of Natural Hydrogen deposits.

2H Resources has initial support from Buru Energy but in due course will become an independent entity with additional participation by partners, investors and asset holders.